Your Doors and Locks

The doors installed in your home are wood products subject to such natural characteristics of wood as shrinkage and warpage. Natural fluctuations caused by humidity and the use of heating/air systems, showers, and dishwashers, interior doors may occasionally require minor adjustments.


French Doors or Sliding Doors

Interior sliding doors or French doors sometimes stick or warp because of weather conditions. Apply a silicone lubricant to the tracks to minimize this inconvenience.



You can remedy a squeaky door hinge by removing the hinge pin and applying a silicone lubricant to it. Avoid using oil, as it can gum up or attract dirt. Graphite works well as a lubricant but can create a gray smudge on the door or floor covering beneath the hinge if too much is applied.



Lubricate door locks with graphite or other waterproof lubricant. Avoid oil, as it will gum up.



Slamming doors can damage both doors and jambs and can even cause cracking in walls. Teach children not to hang on the doorknob and swing back and forth; this works loose the hardware and causes the door to sag.



The most common cause of a sticking door is the natural expansion of lumber caused by changes in humidity. When sticking is caused by swelling during a damp season, do not plane the door unless it continues to stick after the weather changes.



If a door warps slightly, keeping it closed as much as possible often returns it to normal.


Weather Stripping

Weather stripping and exterior door thresholds occasionally require adjustment or replacement.


The Remington Group Limited Warranty Guidelines

During the pre-delivery inspection we confirm that all doors are in acceptable condition and correctly adjusted. The Remington Group will repair construction damage to doors noted on the pre-delivery inspection list.



Because of normal settling of the home, doors may require adjustment for proper fit. The Remington Group will make such adjustments.


Panel Shrinkage

Panels of wood doors shrink and expand in response to changes in temperature and humidity. Although touching up the paint or stain on unfinished exposed areas is your home maintenance responsibility, The Remington Group will repair split panels that allow light to be visible.



The Remington Group will repair doors that warp in excess of the Tarion allowance.



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