Care of Natural Stone Products

There is nothing quite as elegant as marble and granite flooring and/or countertops. However, because both stone products are absorbent, they need special care. Marble and Granite can stain when liquids or oils are spilled on the surfaces and both stone products are extremely sensitive to acids like vinegar, orange juice or other household cleaning chemicals which can seriously damage your finishes.


To help you look after your marble or granite flooring and countertop:

  • Wipe up any spillages immediately
  • Use coasters under glasses or bottles
  • Use mats or trivets to place hot items on countertops
  • Use clean mops or towels
  • Always rinse using clean, warm water
  • Avoid abrasive cleaning products
  • Avoid bleaches in your cleaning products
  • Avoid acid based household cleaners
  • Use only mild phosphate-free, eco-friendly dishwashing liquids or powders, suitable detergents (pH 7) or vegetable oil based soaps and rinse all soap completely off surface


For Daily Care:

  • Sweep floors using soft brooms or brushes
  • Vacuuming floors is only recommended if your vacuum cleaner is in great condition
  • Dry mop every day with a non-treated cloth
  • Wipe countertops using warm water and dry afterwards with a soft cloth


The Remington Group Limited Warranty Guidelines

During your pre-delivery inspection we confirm that all natural stone products are in acceptable condition. It should also be noted that because these products are “natural”, we cannot guarantee that any particular pattern or colour match will be a made with any sample seen at our Design Studio or at any of our Model Suites. We will repair noticeable surface damage such as chips, cracks, and scratches noted on the pre-delivery inspection list.

Repair of surface damage noted subsequent to this is one of your home maintenance responsibilities.

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