Your Fixtures and Hardware

Your selection sheets provide a record of the brand, style, and colour of plumbing fixtures in your home. Please retain this information for future reference.

The manufacturer treats fixtures with a clear protective coating, electrostatically applied, to provide beauty and durability. This coating is not impervious to wear and tear. Atmospheric conditions, sunlight, caustic agents such as paints, and scratches from sharp objects can cause the protective coating to crack or peel, exposing the metal and resulting in spotting and discolouration.



Initial care of these products requires only periodic cleaning with a mild, nonabrasive soap and buffing with a soft cloth.


The Remington Group Limited Warranty Guidelines

During the pre-delivery inspection we will confirm that fixtures are in acceptable condition. The Remington Group does not warrant against corrosion damage to the external surfaces or internal workings of plumbing fixtures.




Doorknobs and locks should operate correctly with little attention. Over time, they may need slight adjustments due to normal shrinkage of the framing. Occasionally, you may need to tighten screws or lubrication.


The Remington Group Limited Warranty Guidelines

We confirm that all hardware is in acceptable condition during pre-delivery inspection. The limited warranty excludes repairs for cosmetic damage subsequent to the pre-delivery inspection.

The Remington Group will repair hardware items that do not function as intended.



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