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Frequently Asked Questions

There's a lot to know when it comes to purchasing a new home or condominium. We provide all Remington home owners with a detailed registration package and Homeowner's Reference Guide, however, should you have questions, please contact a Client Care representative.


When will I get my keys?

You will receive your keys upon registration.

When should I go to the Design Studio?

The Design Studio will call you to arrange an appointment to complete your colour chart and finishes in accordance with the construction schedule. You are welcome to visit the Design Studio on weekends between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. to browse. Pricing information will not be available at this time. Your colour appointment can only accommodatethose people listed on the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

What is an APS?

APS refers to your Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

What is a TARION Warranty?

The TARION Warranty Corporation covers any new home purchase. The warranty covers the construction of your home and the features and finishes you have chosen.

Can I visit my house while it's being built?

During construction of you new home, no one is allowed to enter the home as stated in Schedule A of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale or we may choose to charge a penalty or fine on closing. This is strictly for safety reasons. While your home is under construction, it remains the property of the builder.

Can I bring in my own contractors during construction?

Any revisions or additions performed by the purchaser or their contractors is strictly prohibited. Any additional expense to the builder to repair and return the home to the floorplan as per the Agreement of Purchase and Sale will be billed to the homeowner.

What is the Pre-delivery Inspection?

A short while before you close your new home, our customer service representative will contact you to arrange your inspection at your convenience during regular business hours. Any number of items will require attention before you move in. These can be noted during the inspection.

What are closing costs?

Please budget for additional closing costs that are made up of the land transfer tax, TARION Warranty Corporation Registration, any prepaid utilities or taxes by the builder, legal fees.

How do you determine my closing date?

The closing date is set on all processes being completed in a timely manner. From time to time there may be delays in the process that are out of the builder's control. In the event of a delay, the Builder will forward a letter to your last known address. Keep in contact with your sales representative for any changes to your closing date.

How do I hook up my cable or internet service?

Depending on your community, the cable TV provider my be Rogers or Bell Canada. Through these providers, Remington purchasers can take advantage of discounted services. Contact a representative at either Rogers or Bell Canada.

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