Quartz is a great option for countertops.
Quartz is a great design option

Quartz is a natural stone. It is crushed and mixed with colour pigment and polymer resins and formed into slabs for countertops.

quartzcountertops1.jpgTwice as hard as granite, quartz has the added benefits on being non-porous and highly stain-resistant. It does not need to be sealed, therefore making it essentially maintenance-free. And, of course it looks beautiful and will add value to your home.

Not only does it withstand day-today use without chipping or scratching, quartz is engineered to be defect-free. Unlike granite, which has natural character (e.g. veins and irregular colouring) quartz comes in a wide range of colours that are uniform and consistent with the samples that you see in a decor centre.

Designers love quartz because of its versatility -- there’s a colour to suit everyone. Choose quartz for your kitchen or bath and you’ll love it for years to come.

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