Water conservation
Luxury Green

You don't have to sacrifice luxury to be good to the environment.

The finishes in your new Remington-built kitchen and bathroom might be high-end but careful consideration was given to each selection — from low-flow sink faucets, dual flush toilets and high-efficiency showerheads — with water conservation in mind.

What other details in your home are helping you live green?

- Double-glazed, low-e, argon filled window systems minimize heat loss
- Energy efficient fluourescent lighting reduces electrical use in common areas
- Heat Recovery Ventilators pre-heat incoming fresh air using the waste heat exhausted from the suites
- All paint used is "Green Seal"® certified.
- 40 oz. CRI® Green Label certified carpet helps improve indoor air quality in bedrooms and closet areas
- Adhesives, sealants and other coatings in the home contain low Volatile Organic Compound content

So breathe easy and enjoy the savings that come with water conservation and energy efficiency.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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