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Sustainable Business

These days, no matter what line of work you’re in, it’s hard to deny that green is good business. Green commercial developments offer employees and customers alike better working and shopping conditions. Green commercial buildings are healthy, inspiring places to work – increasing productivity and employee retention. Best of all, green buildings substantially reduce carbon emissions. It’s a win for your business and it’s a win for the environment.

Green Development. How it Works.

Conserve Energy
• Ventilators recover heated or cooled air and guarantee substantial energy savings
• Efficient use of water and energy reduces costs substantially
• High performance double-glazing windows ensure maximum efficiency
• Thermal insulated walls minimize drafts

Work Better
• Ventilation systems bring filtered fresh air in from the outdoors (not from the lobby) providing a higher level of indoor air quality
• “Green Seal” certified paints use mostly natural, biodegradable compounds Help the Environment
• High density development minimizes environmental ‘footprint’
• Proximity to public transit and other alternative forms of transportation including bike paths reduces dependence on cars
• Projects that respect natural ecosystems, promote parks and green spaces, and use natural materials and resources from local sources, help to protect the environment

More and more people and business owners and operators are realizing that the choices they make have a lasting and profound impact on the environment and the health and well-being of their employees and customers.

As is demonstrated through our work on Downtown Markham – the largest LEED development in
North America – The Remington Group is committed to sustainable development because it enhances
the quality of our product.

Be Part of a Green Development

Locating in Downtown Markham means being a part of one of Canada’s most exciting ‘green’ communities.

What are the qualities and attributes that make Downtown Markham green? Downtown Markham is a pedestrian and transit-oriented new community that is developing a 243-acre, underutilized site into an inviting mix of uses, streets, parks and squares with more traditional ‘downtown’ densities.

While the character, scale and connectedness of the streets welcome residents and visitors to Downtown Markham, the infrastructure invested in the community will ensure a more intelligent use of resources, and the preservation of important ecosystems. All buildings in Downtown Markham will be heated and cooled using District Energy, much of the storm water will be cleaned and returned to the local tributaries and rivers, and many of the buildings currently in construction are LEED ranked projects.

We Are Committed to the Environment

• Markham District Energy will provide co-generation heating and cooling to Downtown Markham reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gases.

• Remington’s Environmental Quality Control program is in accordance with the LEED criteria (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) mandated by the Canadian Green Building Council.


Here’s How We Do It

Smart Location & Linkage

  • At the centre of Markham, the new development will feature an Intensive Land Use
  • Reduced Automobile Dependence
  • Bicycle Networks as an effective and pleasurable means of transportation
  • Housing and Lots of Employment Opportunities within Downtown Markham
  • Designing for Habitat and Wetlands Conservation

Neighbourhood Pattern & Design

  • Compact Development
  • Diversity of Uses, Live, Work and Play
  • Reduced Parking Footprint
  • Walkable Streets and pedestrian connections
  • Transit Facilities with direct site access to the Viva, GO and Metrolinx expanded transit systems
  • Access to Active Public Spaces, both urban and natural

Green Construction & Technology

  • Certified Green Buildings
  • Energy Efficiency in Buildings
  • Reduced Water Use
  • Advanced Storm Water Management Practices
  • Heat Island Reduction
  • District Heating and Cooling
  • Infrastructure Energy Efficiency
  • Wastewater Management
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Construction Waste Management and Recycling of Materials

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